Advanced Python 3.7.2

Advanced Python 3.7.2

This course will show you the true power of the language and the ecosystem. Python has often been thought of as clean scripting language or a simple language to glue "real" applications together. This view is completely out of sync with the real possibilities of the Python language. You will see that entire high-performance application stacks can be built in Python. The training curriculum has been designed according to the present industry needs & implementation specific demands which are executed by all around experienced and sound experts.

Key Benefits

  • Training on specific core areas of the selected topic.
  • Real-time implementations through practical sessions.
  • Well-equipped practical classes where student can comfortably work on their projects.
  • Write code for any project.
  • Cover all the advance topics of python from our professional trainers.
  • Learn how to develop web application using web framework of python.
  • Gain skills required for Job. 

All Courses Idea

Python Modules

  • What is a Module?
  • Types of Modules
  • The import Statement
  • The from…import Statement
  • ...import * Statement
  • Underscores in Python
  • The dir( ) Function
  • Creating User-defined Modules
  • Command line Arguments
  • Python Module Search Path

Packages in Python

  • What is a Package?
  • Introduction to Packages
  • py file
  • Importing module from a package
  • Creating a Package
  • Creating Sub Package
  • Importing from Sub-Packages
  • Popular Python Packages

Python Date and Time

  • How to Use Date & DateTime Class
  • How to Format Time Output
  • How to use Timedelta Objects
  • Calendar in Python
  • DateTime classes in Python
  • How to Format Time Output?
  • The Time Module
  • Python Calendar Module
  • Python Text Calendar, HTML Calendar Class
  • Unix Date and Time Commands

File Handling

  • What is the data, Information File?
  • File Objects
  • File Different Modes and Object Attributes
  • How to create a Text File and Append Data to a File and Read a File
  • Closing a file
  • Read, read the line, read lines, write, write lines
  • Renaming and Deleting Files
  • Directories in Python
  • Working with CSV files and  CSV Module
  • Handling IO Exceptions

Python Exception Handling

  • Python Errors
  • Common RunTime Errors in Python
  • Abnormal termination
  • Chain of importance Of Exception
  • Exception Handling
  • Try…Except
  • Try...Except...else
  • Try…finally
  • The argument of an Exception
  • Python Custom Exceptions
  • Ignore Errors
  • Assertions

GUI Programming (Tkinter)

  • Introduction
  • Components and Events
  • Adding Controls
  • Entry Widget, Text Widget
  • Radio Button
  • Check Button
  • List Boxes
  • Menus
  • ComboBox

Python web framework

  • Introduction to Django
  • Introduction to Flask

Data Analytics

  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Introduction to NumPY and SciPY

Data Science

  • Introduction of Data Science
  • Data Science Life Cycle
  • Introduction to Data Analysis, Data Mining
  • Analytics vs Data Science

Core Python and who want to take Python to the next level and need to be effective with Python immediately after the course.